Hunting whitetails and fishing for trout while growing up in the hills of West Virginia instilled in me a lifelong love for the outdoors and appreciation for the beauty of game and fish. Outdoor living for me has never been a hobby, but, rather, a way of life. This naturally led to a desire to make my living in the woods and on the stream.

In September 2015, I decided to follow my dream and turn my lifelong passion into a profession as a hunting and fishing guide. I drove cross-country to Whitehall, MT and met Bill DeShaw for the first time when I enrolled in his Professional Hunting Guide Schools. After an enlightening and successful 10-day guiding course I was on my way to making my dream a reality, and turning my passion into my profession.

After sharing a very successful Deer and Antelope season in WY, Bill approached me about joining his guiding operation in CO. Soon we reached an agreement that would not just allow me the opportunity to operate my own guiding business, but, more importantly, to learn under the mentorship of a 39-year veteran. Bill’s commitment to the continued success of his legacy and life’s work is invaluable to me as a business owner, outfitter, and guide.

After 3 years of outfitting in CO and 4 years of guiding in WY I obtained my Outfitters License and permits in WY and have expanded offerings to include big game hunts in WY.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the outdoors and a Western Hunting or Fly Fishing Experience with you soon.

Tim Joyce – Owner, Outfitter, & Guide


Tim Joyce